Which is Better? Phone Contracts vs. PAYG

Experts, reviewers and mobile users alike are in an ongoing debate concerning phone contracts and Pay As You Go (PAYG) deals. Some say phone contracts are better because of the potential savings it can offer in the long run. The opposition rebuts that with their argument that PAYG deals are better because you have greater control over your phone bill and thereís no contract involved.

If youíre a newbie looking for a suitable deal, the clashes in reviews and exchange of arguments may prove less helpful in the end. If youíre confused, hereís a quick comparison of phone contracts and PAYG deals to help you along.

Phone Contracts

Phone contracts are deals where the customer gets to choose a handset and a bundle plan to suit oneís monthly needs. Once approved for a phone contract deal, youíll be required to pay a fixed monthly fee for 12, 24 or even up to 36 months. Phone contracts are generally suitable for people who want a new handset but canít buy it upfront. Itís also ideal for people who are heavy mobile users.


PAYG deals, on one hand, are exactly what the name suggests. These are phone deals where you pay as you go, which means that you top your phone up with credit only when needed. When you opt for a PAYG deal, you must already own a handset. You top it up according to your needs, which doesnít have to be often if youíre a light mobile user. With PAYG, you donít have to worry about fixed monthly fees or lengthy contracts, which is one key advantage PAYG users often reiterate. To check out the best PAYG deals available in the market, go to Tesco Mobile.

Which is better?

When choosing between PAYG deals and phone contract deals, the key consideration is your personal circumstance and needs. While phone contracts may be more preferred than PAYG, it does not necessarily mean it will be good for you as well and vice versa. A phone deal is only really better if said phone deal is able to meet your needs perfectly allowing you to enjoy huge savings in the long run.