Smart Guide to Phone Contracts

Regardless of the negative reviews, expert discouragements and controversies, phone contracts continue to lead the market in the UK. In fact, majority of mobile users across the country are hooked to a phone contract. You caní really blame considering the enticing handset choices and bundle plans available. If youíre planning to join the growing number of phone contract subscribers, here is a quick guide to help you make a smart decision:

What is a phone contract?

A phone contract is a phone deal that includes a mobile phone and a tariff plan inclusive of call, data and text. If you have a high-end handset you want to buy, for example, you can simply apply for a phone contract and get the phone for free. For most mobile users, the promise of free handset is a major deciding factor.

How long is the contract term?

For most phone contracts, the typical term is 24 months. But there are also options of 12 or 36 months. The length of the term usually depends on the handset included in the plan as well as on the bundle plan.

How much is the monthly fee?

The monthly fee for phone contracts ranges from £10 to £35 or more. How expensive your phone will depend on your handset choice. If you choose a high-end handset such as the latest iPhone, for example, expect for a higher monthly fee than if you opt for a mid-range smartphone. The fee will also factor in your bundle plan option. If your plan includes unlimited texts and calls and a generous data allowance then chances are high youíll have a steeper monthly fee too.

Who can apply for a phone contract?

If you want to apply for a phone contract, make sure youíre of legal age and you have a steady source of income. Carriers may also require you to have good credit to be eligible. If you have bad credit, bad credit phone deals are excellent alternatives you can consider.

Is a phone contract for you?

There are literally thousands of phone contract deals available in the UK. Whether youíre a light, average or heavy mobile user, you can find a good deal provided that you shop around and do your homework. So long as you can afford the monthly fee and you know that youíll save money in the end, getting a phone contract makes financial sense. Just make sure you know what youíre getting into to avoid putting your credit rating and finances at risk.