About Us

Universal Phones is a leading name in the UK providing mobile users across the country with cheap, accessible and exciting bad credit mobile phones. We specialize in helping mobile users with bad credit that canít get a phone contract otherwise. At Universal Phones, our goal is to make it easier for struggling mobile users to find a suitable deal thatís not only budget-friendly but also more importantly perfect for their individual needs. Since starting, we are pride ourselves in saying that we have been helping numerous customers across UK thanks to the best partners including suppliers, providers and comparison sites helping us to bridge the gap in the market.

With Universal Phones ready to lend a hand, you can now rest assured that youíll always find a suitable phone contract deal no matter your credit history. At Universal Phones, we donít run credit checks allowing us to promise same day approval to all mobile phone contract applications. We also have a team of experts ready to assist you in any way. When you have us as your partner, you can count on a smooth, hassle-free and expedite phone contract application every time. Apply for a bad credit mobile phone today and get approved in a matter of hours. Thatís only possible with Universal Phones.